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Who we are

Techdow USA is a passionate, high-performance pharmaceutical company that is committed to quality and reliability to our patients and customers. We develop, manufacture, and sell critical FDA approved products for use in hospital and clinical settings. We are vertically integrated in raw materials and can deliver hard to source products at a competitive price.

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Techdow USA is among the fastest growing companies in our industry and we are always looking for ways to improve and set a new high-performance standard. We are passionate about making a difference for patients and bringing effective medicines to market.  Techdow USA has technology and infrastructure that can bring unique customer solutions, not previously available to these markets. These include special access and delivery options during critical market shortage situations.

Please contact our MANAGER, SALES OPERATIONS, April Borman.

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Techdow USA values partnerships and collaborations. Our infrastructure, skills and experience can deliver significant value to your company. We are always searching for synergies that can serve all parties and produce a better outcome together. Techdow USA can deliver a high-performance US commercial infrastructure. We would like to discuss licensing, business opportunities or partnering that would optimize your assets.

Please contact our CEO,  Darren Alkins.

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For any customer related inquiries, interest in purchasing our products or operational issues, please contact our Customer Operations, April Borman.

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